This artist’s name refers to the Mediterranean, a timeless place weaving elements of nature, humanity, life, and death.

It’s a place where conflict, strife, human suffering, and beauty of many cultures fought and left their traces. Its complex history makes it focal point for transcending any single culture to highlight the intricacy of human nature.

This artist’s name perhaps roots me to places, people, and cultures which define my artistic choices.

The way of translating and experimenting with these tensions, the ideas and their artistic representation, is to use contrast elements such as sand, water, and fire, paper and metal, paint and recycled, abused objects . No! Life is not smooth and neither is my art.

Any work is influenced by the more or less visible. For me some names are important:

From Velázquez to Basquiat including Goya, Ensor, Will Know, Tapiés, Pagès, Pollock or Vieira da Silva.

Along with these artists, there is a myriad of  influences that unconsciously inform my work.

My paintings highlight masked characters arising out of myths and demonstrating a certain primitiveness, as well as illustrating certain hidden driving forces in our civilized life. These imaginary masks and portraits refer to social theater roles and uncertainty in communication.

My columns are designed as core drillings of time, of places and thus used materials, combining everything from bricks to paper, wood, metal, and cardboard.

My signals tell a story by illustrating wounds met on natural materials, such as wood and metal, maybe as a way of creating beauty and hope from the compost of our wounds.

My abstract works of art in mixed media are full of material traces embedded in sand or cardboard, to anchor the abstract forms in the concrete reality.

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